Hemorrhoids Skin Tag

Hemorrhoids skin tag occur after external hemorrhoids have turned into thrombosed external hemorrhoids.

Then when or if the thrombosed external hemorrhoid has managed to heal itself,  is when in many cases a piece of skin is left hanging (flopping) this is known as a hemorrhoid tag.

SIDEBAR: The thrombosed external hemorrhoid is caused by the vein collapsing and filling up with blood which later becomes stagnant. Then when this heals, is when the vein empties of this stagnant blood, and the skin that has expanded cannot retract hence the skin tag is left.

The good news with these skin tags is that usually there is no pain associated. However in a lot of cases they are taking up space in the middle of the anus thus making it difficult to clean the area properly.


Hemorrhoids Skin Tag

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They also may cause an irritating itch. In some instances they may also bleed, due to rubbing them too much. Basically they could just become an irritating nuisance.

Some people may even feel embarrassment to engage in sexual activities.

If you have many skin tags or have a rather big tag, which causes you the above mentioned problems, then removal will be the only remedy.

However this article from different people is also a good read before you take any decisions as to what you want to do.

You may also develop skin tags from causes other than thrombosed external hemorrhoids.

Some of these causes are sometimes for no reason at all, to chronic fissures, seldom prolapsed internal hemorrhoids and mainly from crohn's disease.

So it is always a good idea to see a medical doctor, just to check if your tags are derived from hemorrhoids or from another ailment.

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