Toilet Paper

Can toilet paper deteriorate hemorrhoids? Unfortunately the answer is a  "yes". Your ordinary paper that you use on the toilet most definitely can deteriorate your hemorrhoids.

The reason for this is that if you had to look at it under a microscope, the paper would look like a very fine sand paper.

In other words it is ROUGH. Even the softest of paper is rough.

So can you imagine cleaning yourself with a piece of  fine sand paper!!!

OUCH! Just the thought!

Yet, because you do not know any better, you do use this sand paper to clean yourself on daily basis.

Another reason that hemorrhoids can deteriorate further with paper is that the paper does not really clean the area properly. It cleans the surface yes,  but it does not deep clean the germs that you cannot see.

Leaving these germs behind, is the reason that it can cause the hemorrhoids to further deteriorate.   

It is therefore imperative that if you are with hemorrhoids, you do not use the toilet roll. This will only aggravate your hemorrhoids further, and they will take a lot longer to heal.

However, luckily for us there are two alternatives on the market to rectify the problem. One is using Flushable Wipes as I do, Or the other option is you could use a bidet.

N.B. If you do not have hemorrhoids, the paper roll will not  really cause hemorrhoids.

However, I still think it is wise to use the flushable wipes when you can, or using a bidet as it is a much better way to clean yourself. More refreshing, sanitizing and deep cleans better, wiping away all the bacteria.

Since I started using flushable wipes, I could never go back to the conventional paper as the difference is really enormous.

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