Hemorrhoid Stapling Also known As PPH

Hemorrhoid stapling is the newest technique in town. Very popular. Founded by an Italian in the 90'S. It is better known in the medical fraternity as PPH.

That stands for Procedure for Prolapsed Hemorrhoids.

As the words imply this procedure is mainly used for prolapsed internal hemorrhoids. The procedure they use, is to do a circular stapling known as stapling hemorrhoids.

Although this is a relatively new procedure with hemorrhoids, stapling has been around for quiet some time now. Stapling has been used in many different situations. It is most famous and well known for open heart surgery, where they say that staples are a hundred times better than sutures in every way.

This technique is now popular with hemorrhoids, because they say the pain is not so intense compared to surgery, and the recovery time is much faster.

Hemorrhoid Stapling

What happens during this procedure, is they insert an anal instrument that dilates the anus. This instrument looks like a round pipe. When this is inserted up the anus it pushes the hemorrhoids back up against the anus wall.

They then suture this to hold it all up, while stapling all around. The extra hemorrhoid tissue that needs to be removed is cut off and the tissue that must remain in place has been stapled all around the anus wall.

Unfortunately the biggest problem is that the prolapsed hemorrhoids have a bigger chance of returning with this type of procedure as compared to hemorrhoid surgery.

The cost of PPH is high, because a hospital stay over is required, or at least a day as an outpatient.

If too much tissue is stapled, it will touch the nerves and there is risk of incontinence both rectal and or urinary.

Risks of pain being severe.

Hemorrhoid stapling may also fail if your hemorrhoids are too bulky for the apparatus being used.

In most cases your surgeon will ask you to use a Sitz Bath for the pain but mainly to heal the stapled tissues.

This procedure of the sitz bath is exactly the same first treatment highly recommended for all types of hemorrhoid problems, so avoid the PPH and start on the sitz bath instead.

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