Which Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment?

Let's look at which internal hemorrhoids treatment are best to give you relief from internal hemorrhoids.

Luckily you should not be feeling any pain at this stage. You should only have the symptoms of bright red blood in the pan, on the toilet paper or in the stools.

It is best and wise to treat hemorrhoids immediately before they progress to the next stage.

Start by doing a sitz bath for twenty minutes at a time.

To be repeated three times daily.

Follow up with a hemorrhoid cream/ointment like Preparation H. You should use the applicator supplied in the box to reach the hemorrhoids right up the anus. It's no use just putting any ointment around the anus, as the hemorrhoids are further up. Also use the suppositories of the same name.

To help with the Pain you can use a tablet like Bruffen.

After the the symptoms have gone, you must carry on with the treatment for several days to follow.

Follow through with fiber foods and water intake. The next step is making sure they never return.

If you are already at the next stage, which is when your internal hemorrhoid has come out through the anus.

This is called Prolapsed Hemorrhoids.

For these types, add to the above mentioned hemorrhoids treatment ice packs, which you should alternate with your sitz bath.

Also use a stronger ointment like proctosedyl and the respective suppositories of the same name. This should settle them.

The next step would be looking at Surgery, which I strongly oppose.

Alternatively you will find reading my E-Book a better solution for hemorrhoid care. The book will show you the one and the only detrimental situation that causes and or deteriorates hemorrhoids. It will  also show you how to avoid this detrimental situation and cure them permanently. 

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