Hemorrhoid Symptoms Can Vary

There are not really many different hemorrhoid symptoms, but they can vary from person to person. It also depends on what type of hemorrhoids you have got, and how long you have been suffering.

The symptoms usually worsen the longer you have the hemorrhoids, in both ways. That is to say, one they get more intense and two you get more symptoms occurring. This in medical terms means you are getting a worse degree of hemorrhoid.

Sidebar All hemorrhoids are measured by degree. Example a degree one is better than a degree four.

With internal hemorrhoids symptoms, there usually is no pain.

The only symptom is bright red blood in the pan, or bright red blood on the toilet paper or in the stools.

The most common is the blood in the pan.

This condition must definitely be checked by a medical doctor to make sure this blood is from internal hemorrhoids and not confused with other ailments.

Anal Itch is also a common symptom

Internal hemorrhoids can then develop into prolapsed hemorrhoids. When this occurs then the pain will start, and the bright red blood will usually only be found on the toilet paper or in the stools. Not every bowel movement will have blood.

Other symptoms are a feeling of an annoying obstruction in the anus, or a continuous feeling of wanting to go to the toilet.

Hemorrhoid symptoms with external hemorrhoids are probably the worse. Bright red blood on the paper, in the stools or in the pan.

Terrible pain during bowel movement. Terrible pain after bowel movement. More pain when trying to sit, or stand for long periods. Pain when walking or an annoying Itch in the anus.

Lumps protruding from the anus which you can touch, and usually all around the anus area feels swollen. A continuous feeling of wanting to go to the toilet.

External hemorrhoids can then develop into thrombosed hemorrhoids. When this occurs the same symptoms will occur, as above but just intensify the pain to ten times more.

A fair description of the pain is like having knives stabbing up your anus continuously.

Last but not least is the hemorrhoid symptoms associated with fissure hemorrhoids.

Usually with fissure hemorrhoids you will only find blood on the toilet paper. The pain is the stabbing knives, but ten times more intense.

Every time you have to pass a stool, you just want to run away, and hope these stools never ever come back.

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